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Dogs with Dog Walker

Training Resources

Training is such an important part of your pet's wellbeing. Pets without training and leadership often feel more anxious which can lead to even more unwanted behavior. We highly recommend using a trainer you feel comfortable with and who uses positive reinforcement. Whether you just brought a new pup into your home, or have a basic foundation already, we've compiled a list of reputable training programs and resources to help you be the best leader you can be for your best friend. 

Ultimate Companions

By Bill Grant

Classes available at The Crate Escape Richmond and CVHS.

VT Dog Boarding and Behavior

By Ian Grant.

Hyde Park, VT

Puppuh Dog Training

By Kaitlin Bennett

Specializes in anxiety and fear based reactivity. 

Morristown, VT


Central Vermont Humane Society

Various classes and trainers.

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