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Dog Wash

Pawsitive Petcare

By Jillian

Pawsitive Pet Care, LLC was created to provide grooming services for dogs of all breeds, ages, sizes and temperament. This company was designed to give Jillian the freedom to work with canines with one-on-one experience in a fun and positive environment, my goal is to make grooming fun for everyone. Every attempt is made to provide a thorough cleansing bath, functional haircut and leaving dogs with a positive experience.

Jillian Lauzon, owner/founder, has pursued a life with a passion for canines. From growing up with dogs to rescuing dogs with "special needs", she has over 10 years of experience working with dogs of most breeds. Jillian received her associates degree in Veterinary Technology (Vermont Technical College), earned a certification for Pet Grooming (Animal Behavior College), and has some education in Entrepreneurial studies. Jill works as a Veterinary Technician part time and really enjoys learning more and more everyday in the field, her medical background provides education to acknowledge symptoms of a condition that may require veterinary attention, as well is trained in how to handle medical emergencies.

Jillian has been grooming for 8 years and LOVES helping dogs get squeaky clean and feel wonderful!! She loves getting experience performing breed standard cuts but also really appreciates the freedom of customizing styles for each pets lifestyle.

"Its really about making the dogs feel happy and comfortable."

Please call/email if you are looking for a grooming quote or just have questions!

Get in Touch:

Phone: 802.431.5339


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